What is a French manicure?

A French manicure is a classic and timelessstyle of nail design characterized by a natural and elegant appearance. Itfeatures a clean and polished look with a pale or nude pink base color on thenails and a white or off-white tip, creating a subtle contrast. The Frenchmanicure is often chosen for its versatility and suitability for variousoccasions, from everyday wear to formal events.
Here's how a French manicure is typically done:
1.      Preparation: The natural nails are cleaned, shaped, and trimmed to the desired length.
2.      Base Coat: A clear or light pink base coat is applied
to the entire nail. This provides a neutral foundation for the design.
3.      Tip Application: Using a white or off-white nail polish
or a nail tip guide, the tips of the nails are painted with the contrasting color. The technician can use a steady hand or guides to ensure even and consistent tips.
4.      Smoothing: The line between the base color and the
white tip is often smoothed out with a light touch of a buffer or a small brush dipped in nail polish remover. This creates a seamless transition between the two colors.
5.      Top Coat: A clear top coat is applied over the
entire nail to seal the design and provide a glossy finish. This also helps protect the manicure and extend its longevity.
French manicures can be customized based on personalpreferences and style. While the classic design features a white tip,variations have emerged over time, such as colored tips, glitter accents, or a"reverse" French manicure, where the base color is at the tip and thenail bed is painted with a different color.
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