What are the signs of overusing or damaging my natural nails due to frequent acrylic or gel nail applications?

Frequent and improper use of acrylic or gelnail applications can potentially lead to damage to your natural nails overtime. It's important to be aware of the signs that may indicate overuse ordamage to your nails so that you can take appropriate measures to maintaintheir health. Here are some common signs to watch out for:
1.      Nail Thinning: Excessive filing or buffing of the
natural nail during the application or removal of acrylic or gel nails can lead to thinning of the nail plate.
2.      Weakness: If your natural nails feel weaker than
usual, it could be a sign of damage. Weak nails are more prone to breaking, splitting, and peeling.
3.      Brittleness: Overuse of acrylic or gel nails can cause
your natural nails to become brittle and easily breakable.
4.      Discoloration: Prolonged use of acrylic or gel nails
without allowing your natural nails to breathe can result in yellowing or discoloration of the nail bed.
5.      Ridges: If you notice pronounced ridges or uneven texture on your natural nails, it could indicate damage or overuse.
6.      Pain or Sensitivity: Persistent pain, discomfort, or
sensitivity around the nail bed could be a sign that your natural nails are being stressed or damaged.
7.      Lifting or Separation: If you experience lifting or separation between the acrylic or gel nail and the natural nail, it may indicate improper application or damage.
8.      Infection: Frequent use of nail enhancements without
proper maintenance or hygiene can increase the risk of fungal or bacterial infections. 
9.      Thickened Nails: If your natural nails appear thicker
than usual, it could be a result of damage or excessive product buildup.
10.  Nail Peeling: Peeling of the nail layers, especially at the tips, can be a sign of damage or overuse.
11.  Change in Nail Shape: Over time, if your natural nail shape begins to change or become distorted, it could be due
to repeated application and removal of enhancements.
12.  Nail Allergies: Development of skin rashes, redness, itchiness, or other allergic reactions around the nail area could indicate sensitivity to the products used.
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